11th & 12th Bifocal Vocational Electronics Notes

Contents: 11th & 12th bifocal vocational electronics notes, 12th bifocal electronics notes, 12th class bifocal electronics, 12th standard bifocal vocational electronics

Our 11th & 12th Bifocal Electronics Complete Study Material (Notes) are most popular since the year 2000 among students and teachers, as well. Every year we update them as per the minor/major changes done by the HSC board (if any). Believe us, this study material will be enough for the student for his/her SELF STUDY and for best preparation of HSC Board examination. Every notes contains details about the topic with NEAT CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS, SUMMERY, EXERCISES, SHORT ANSWER/LONG ANSWER QUESTIONS, etc.

You can also download the syllabus of XII bifocal electronics. Click here to download.


Contents of study material sets

XI Electronics Study Material Set
Complete notes which include following chapters:
Semiconductors & Diodes – construction and working of diode
Bipolar & Unipolar Transistors – NPN/PNP and UJT/MOSFET, etc.
Basic Electricity & Network Theorems – basic electricity and four network theorems
Oscillators – study of Hartley, Colpitt’s, Phase Shift oscillators
Study of Components – study of different types of passive components
Instruments – study of measuring instruments like PMMC, ammeter, voltmeter, etc.This set also includes following important material:
How to learn and prepare for the HSC board examination – full guidelines
XI std. solved/unsolved problems booklet
XI std. complete practical booklet with procedure to do all experiments
Please notes that these notes of XI standard are useful to understand 12th electronics syllabus. You can watch and download our video lectures at this link..
XII Electronics Study Material Set
Complete notes which include following chapters of Paper-1 & Paper-2:

1. Instruments – CRT, CRO, function generator, DMM
2. DC Power Supplies – HWR, FWR, BR, filters, regulators, 3-terminal ICs
3. Transducers – active/passive transducers, 9 different types of transducers
4. Operational Amplifiers – differential amplifier, characteristics of opamp, why dual power supply is necessary, parameters of opamp, inverting/non-inverting amplifier, adder, substractor, integrator, differentiator, buffer, comparator, Schmitt trigger, etc.
5. Modern Electronics Communication – elements of communication system, satellite comm., WAN, MAN, LAN; optical fiber comm., facsimile FAX, Cell phone technology, RADAR communication, etc.
6. Study of Integrated Circuits – complete study of IC 555, IC 741 and IC LM 317.

1. Number systems – binary, hexadecimal conversions, binary arithmetic, etc.
2. Logic gates – AND/OR/NOT/NAND/NOR/Ex-OR; Boolean algebra, De Morgan’s theorems, identities, NAND/NOR as UBB, etc.
3. Logic Families – bipolar and unipolar TTL/CMOS logic circuits, their working, etc.
4. Combinational Logic Circuits – Mux, Demux, Encoder and Decoder, working, etc.
5. Flip Flops – RS FF, clock concept, JK FF, MS FF, registers and counters, working, neat diagrams, etc.
6. A/D & D/A Converters – weighted resistors D/A converter, R-2R ladder, simultaneous A/D converter, counter type, SAR converter, etc.
7. Computer Fundamentals – basic computer system, memories, storage types, etc.The set also includes following important material:
XII std. solved/unsolved problems booklet of paper-1 only
The numerical problems of Paper-2 are given at the end of chapters
XII std. complete practical booklet with procedure, Paper-1 & Paper-2 (both)
Previous years HSC Board examination question papers set, Paper-1 & Paper-2 (both)
Chapter-wise marks distribution and weightage, included for every chapter

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